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  Street children are children first of all

We see them so often that we almost grow accustomed to them, we donít even notice them. Sometimes, television news or an article in the foreign press upset us. Impressed by a little child begging in the frost as we walk by, we may give him some money. But this is not a solution!

We, at the "Sfanta Macrina" Centre, we are a family.
We have been guiding these children for 10 years to become people. We have had a lot of successes. And we rejoiced in our turn to receive help.
Be a part of the "wonder" that happens right under our eyes.

  From the heart    
  Contribute with little for a lot.
Offer them the hope of a better future.
  Children's Diary    
  There are sad stories with a happy ending too. Theirs show the joy to find the way home.
Listen to them